Winchester Revival - Eyes In The Canopy EP (King Of Sticks Records) 
Winchester Revival - Eyes In The Canopy EP

Despite sounding like an unsuccessful make of car, Winchester Revival are actually something of an intense indie rock band from East Bay area of California and, for a band that has only writing for a year or so, they are pretty damn tight. This EP kicks off with the infectious and delicious 'Chemical Yellow' full of ambitious rhythms and Foals melodies - something that you don't always expect from American bands, no offence! 'Matterhorn' is up next and is an altogether mellower affair with sweeping guitars and rolling, expansive melodies in the vein of Incubus at their most experimental or any range of prog bands with half an eye on harmony. If you imagine the Killers and Mansun heading back to the 80s to record a track with Duran Duran on production duties then you're getting close to the sound created on 'Wonderland' which is as ridiculous and gorgeous as it you imagine. The closing track is 'Submarine Bell', a track with Echo & The Bunnymen swagger and darkly sexy intent that you wouldn't want to meet on a dark night but then again.....maybe you would. Winchester Revival are one of those bands that might not get a huge amount of success in the US but their sound will travel well and UK audiences are sure to lap this up. Beautiful stuff.

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