Tree Dwellers - Come Up And See (Melted One) 
Tree Dwellers - Come Up And See

Release date: 30th  May 2014

Well this is a bit different, in more than one way. Firstly, it's pretty rare to get a release from a band made up of a father and son duo which is the case with Tree Dwellers, aka Mark and Jake Haslam. Secondly, it's not often you get music this imaginative and arresting pop up in your inbox with something of a muted fanfare. 'Come Up And See' rides a wave of chords and licks played out on a growly bass guitar with chilled out beats, violin stabs, looped spoken word and a sense that everything is alright with the world. This is beach music but maybe for that sunset moment when you have to start thinking about either going back to your hotel or taking the party to the next level. Somewhere else on the same beach are Lemon Jelly, Bent and a thoroughly remixed Jose Gonazlez all chilling out to the same blissed beats and head bobbing grooves. Superb stuff but in a very understated way like a girl with supermodel looks in a baggy old t-shirt and denim shorts. Effortless.

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