The Sons - Relic
The Sons - Relic

Release Date: 9th June 2014

Derby quintet have a new single out in a few days and they went the extra mile to get the artwork sorted out by buying and then torching Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters, now that's commitment. The song itself, 'Relic', starts off as something between a Paul McCartney album track and a Paul Weller single which doesn't inspire a great deal of enthusiasm for the plodding piano melody and lazily strummed guitar.  However, half way through this tune there is a subtle little instrumental breakdown and the tone changes with the piano riff taking on some more minor notes and the guitar getting a bit more bite to it. This entirely changes the feel of the song and takes it in a new direction that is not what I expected but is really pretty good. There are ideas here and an ability to craft a song so I'd definitely be interested in hearing more of those ideas in the form of songs. Intrigued? You betcha.

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Live Dates:

31st May - Hucknall Fake Festival
7th June - Single Release Show @ The Venue, Derby
28th June - The Good Ship, London