The Coppertone - The Bakery EP 
The Coppertone - The Bakery EP

I think I might be a little bit in love. I mean, not leave my girlfriend love but certainly mild-infatuation love. The Coppertone, aka the visually and aurally arresting Red, is responsible for this sudden rush of amore and her new EP is somewhere between a love letter and a calling card. Opening up with the slap in the face and high heel to the chest of 'Woman To Woman' is a bold statement as I'm transported to a gig where the Black Keys are jamming with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club whilst Annie Lennox sings at her soulful best over the top. I'm already loosening my tie and breathing heavily before 'Young Blood' sashays in to the room with an 80s rock vibe and, once again, that voice knocks me sideways as the guitars struggle to keep up with the power and tone coming from Red's lungs.

The dirty, filthy, downright sleazy riff that opens up 'Son Of A Gun' is all about roadside bars full of bikers before The Coppertone opens up the door and lets in shafts of melody to miraculously turn the ugly scene in to something magical and wondrous. The EP finishes up with 'Dead Set', a song placed somewhere between Florence + The Machine, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Veruca Salt, The Dead Weather. Here we have a musician with talent, passion, blues, soul, an edge and one heck of a voice. Like I said, I'm in love and I fully expect you to be too once you've heard this. Oh, and if that ain't enough, Red also hunts out antiques and wins bowling competitions in her spare time. Sigh....

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