Steve Folk & Jane South - Don't Look Down EP (The Birdman Records) 
Steve Folk & Jane South - Don't Look Down

This is the perfect music for this time of year if you live anywhere slightly rural and, preferably, if you live near some naturally occurring water. Steve Folk and Jane South, y'see, recorded this on a narrowboat and that sensation of gently moving water is ever present in the gently rippling guitars of 'Modern Day Gypsies' and the floating flute of 'Spare Part'. They just go for all out water sounds on 'Don't Look Down' but the luscious acoustic, Folk's calming vocals and that cheeky flute paint a watercolour of an idyllic lifestyle within which to create music. The chugging engine of a tractor blends with a haunting flute drone to open 'By The Cherry Tree' and the vocals of Folk and South blend sublimely like scones and clotted cream. This collection closes with 'Ugly Man', a song that floats and burns brightly on occasions like the dying embers of a camp fire in the evening light. This is gentle, calming and soothing music with plenty of heart so if you're in need of something to soundtrack some quality time lying in a field with a straw hat on your face then this is for you.

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Live Dates:

28th May - The Ten Bells, Norwich
29th May - The Catweazle Club, Oxford
30th May - The Village Pump, Trowbridge
28th June - The Crawley Folk Festival
19th July - Sussex House Concerts, Hurst Green
20th July - The Robertsbridge Club, Station Road
24th August - The Park Tavern, Chichester

19th September - Roots & Fusion, Barista Cafe, Stockport