Stereoblastula - Beans and Rice EP 
Stereoblastula - Beans And Rice

Toronto trio Stereoblastula have made one decision so far in their careers and that is to have awesome names. Stereoblastula is a great name in itself but the members go by the names Moves Johnson, PK Smooth and Sexodus which, I think you'll all agree, are pretty awesome names. It's surprising, then, that the first track goes by the fairly mundane title 'Jessica' but the sub-two minute opener is an impassioned plea to a girl who at last one of the band has messed around is now possibly stalking. 'Aim For The Sun' continues the theme of acoustic lead but lively tunes with a playful heart and sound that falls somewhere between Flight Of The Conchords and the Ataris. Third track 'Tunnels' is a mellower affair with laid back strumming in the spirit of Crash Test Dummies and a lyrical theme that is possibly about agoraphobia but that might be completely wrong. This EP finishes up with 'Action Key' which has more power than the other three tunes but also has some truly grating guitar playing which sounds a quarter tone for large portions of the song. Nevertheless, there is a certain charm about this band and their EP will find a place in the hearts of many an indie fan around the world. And if nothing else, they have awesome-balls names.

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