Lovestarrs - Bullet (LAB Records) 
Lovestarrs - Bullet

Now, I don't normally review the odd track that is sent out as a warning shot from an EP or Album but I've got a soft spot for Lovestarrs and I want you to share in my weakness because that makes it feel more normal and less seedy. 'Bullet' will form part of an EP that's due out in August but it is already the best pop song that's been released this year, no diggity. With superhero lyrical themes, the trio channel the raw sex of Goldfrapp, the cool of the Long Blondes and the pop of Sugababes or Girls Aloud at the absolute peak and it's that last point that's so impressive - Lovestarrs are better than some of the UK's biggest pop acts on this track and it's not even a single. Imagine what they could do if they actually tried? This is how pop should be made; with edge, melodies, beats and subtle sex appeal - It's a wink and a lick of the lip rather than a padded cleavage and a grab of the crotch. Superb.

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27th June - 93 Feet East, London

16th July - Proud Galleries, London