Hoda - Exhale 
Hoda - Exhale

Release Date: 26th May 2014

I've got to admit, with a single called 'Exhale' which is being sold as a sexy track for the summer, I fully expected Hoda to be something of a soulless pop strumpet with the autotune turned up to 11. But it's not, oh no. Hoda are a London based trio fronted by Tehranian born singer-guitarist Hoda Mohajerani who trade in guitar driven alternative music with a razor sharp edge. 'Exhale' starts off as a moody, PJ Harvey-esque piece of indie but by the time we hit the chorus Hoda are channelling the Pixies, the Breeders and Veruca Salt with singalong lyrics and driving riffs. The B-side, 'No Surrender', a mellower affair and is also 7 minutes long. The song starts with an acoustic melody before those edgy guitars and clattering drums puncture the serenity. This is a great single to announce your intentions with and I look forward to hearing some more from these guys.

More information: http://www.hodamusic.com