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Far Out Records Presents: Friends From Rio Project

Like it or not, the World Cup is coming and this time it's being hosted by the Brazilians so it's sure to be a spectacle unlike anything we've ever seen before. I spent a little time in the country a few years ago and it's impossible not to fall in love with the people, the culture, the way of life and music....oh, and the caipirinhas. This being a music blog, though, we'll stick to talking about the music and, luckily, we some cracking stuff to talk about. Around 20 years ago the dudes at Far Out Records had a mission to bring Brazilian music to the dancefloors of the Northern hemisphere and this record is the culmination of the project bringing together legendary musicians from the country on one record. The likes of Alex Halheiros, Aleh Ferreira, Robertinho Silva and Hyldon are all here to help you shake what your mama gave you and loosen those hips up.

This album is perfect summer music whether you recognise the tunes or not and there will be some that you do like the sublimely infectious 'Mas Que Nada'. Of course,there are others that will be less familiar like the supremely chilled 'Veneno' which is perfect cocktails'n'sunsets music with some gorgeous 70s synth to counteract the popping funk bass line. The funk continues on 'Garota' but then those sexy, laid back vocals come sliding in and that latin vibe takes you to a warmer place where the beer is always cold and breeze is forever warm. There are thirteen tracks on this collection and it's difficult to pick them apart as they work best together to create the best hour and ten minutes you could possibly hope. Equal measures of funk, soul, bossa nova and downright sexy vibes blend to make a heady cocktail that you drink all night with no hangover to fear the next day. 'Aguai' is all about the funk, 'Batucada Bidu' is full samba rhythms to move your feet to, 'Fogo No Chao' is the lost them tune to a 70s Brazilian TV show about a pair of cops who have a love hate relationship with each other and the law while 'Anthemia' starts like a Euro-pop hit from the 80s before the accordion is accompanied by some seriously danceable beats.

The album finishes up with the funky 'Leite De Pedra' before the orientally inspired 'Japa' gets sounds out of a piano that are to die for. So here's my tip for you: head over to the website below and download this collection. While it's downloading, go whip up a jug of caipirinhas, get your Panini sticker album out get yourself thoroughly ready for the World Cup. Even if you don't like football, the music and strong alcohol content of the aforementioned cocktail will make you happy so you won't care one bit! Now pop on your shiniest thong and let's party!

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