Dead Waves - Oracles Of The Grave 
Dead Waves - Oracles Of The Grave

There are few times in life when you can be sure of anything but there are a few.  A Kevin Spacey film is usually pretty compelling, melted cheese improves almost all food stuffs and people wearing socks with sandals are psychopaths. One new one to add to the list is that Steve Albini makes anything he touches rock in a huge way. Albini has recently been touching Dead Waves (not even going to apologise for that) and the Brooklyn hard rockers have benefited from that. If you like supernova sized riffs that bleed violently in to one another, punctuated only by the pounding of Viking drums and the screams of a man who cannot find the cable for his laptop then you're going to love these guys. 'Oracles Of The Grave' is one of the heaviest, darkest and most on edge records I've heard in a long time but I don't expect everyone to like this as it's not something you'll sing along to or have as the first dance at your wedding. Although.........

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Live Dates:

7th June - Shea Stadium, Brooklyn

13th June - The Flat, Brooklyn