Chipper Jones - Two Rooms EP 
Chipper Jones - Two Rooms EP

Ready for something a bit different? Well sit back and let Chipper Jones wash over you. The Texas duo have a 10 track EP (I'm letting this one slide for reasons I can't explain) which starts with the organ chillout of 'Sketch 1: Chautauqua' leading in to 'Scout (live)' which immediately picks up the pace as staccato guitars dance with clicky percussion and crazy little electro bleeps. 'Sketch 2: Rhombus' is up next and those perky little guitars keep coming like Dutch Uncles' younger brother without the daily dose of Ritalin. The guitars on 'Riverburn (live)' are, frankly, mental but in the best kinda way while 'Sketch Three: Movements' is a more mellow affair that reminds me of the criminally underrated Ions In the Ether.   

This is experimental, instrumental stuff created by two guys who clearly have a connection on a creative level but like guys making each other laugh in bars, the joke is never as funny when explained to another and the badly recorded spoken word of 'Wild Senna' is a great example of this. 'Sketch Four: Warm' is a summery afternoon of rippling keys leading in to 'Sketch Five: Two Rooms', a real dawn chorus of a melody played on a piano with lashings of delay. Now, this might lose something in translation but the next song up is 'Amarillo' (no, not that one) which drifts out of the speakers like dusk in the Grand Canyon before the final track, 'Headrush', brings back those rippling guitars that behave like flitting bugs. The reason I can forgive a 10 track collection being termed an EP is that half the tracks are like long intros to the other half but it works incredibly well and creates sumptuous sound scapes to die for.

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