Cellar Door - Discordia 
Cellar Door - Discordia

Release Date: 2nd June 2014

There is something astoundingly sexy and sleazy about this EP from the word go as North-Eastern five piece Cellar Door come back with three new songs and a couple of interludes. The opening track, 'Jackals', starts off all Black Rebel Motorcycle Club before developing in to latter day Kasabian and generally stumbling drunk around a house party with a bottle of Jack in one hand and it's cock in the other. The gentle Mariachi strains of 'Interlude 1' cleanse the pallet before 'Angelica' enters the room surrounded by an air of cool that would normally be reserved for the likes of Jim Morrison,  George Harrison or Jimmy Page. 'Interlude 2' is a rambling, noodly piece of guitar music that I won't remember tomorrow but the rip-snorting, balls to the wall rock'n'roll of 'Bandito' is a real eye opener and suddenly Ozzy Osbourne in his prime has arrived at the party. So, essentially, Cellar Door create music that sounds like BRMC, Kasabian, Jim Morrison and Ozzy Osbourne hanging out in a dark, smoke filled room with whiskey dripping from the walls and the walls dripping in front of your LSD soaked eyes. I'd invite you to the party but I'm fairly sure you're half way there already.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/CellarDoorOfficial?fref=ts

Live Dates:

5th July - Sound It Out, Stockton-On-Tees
12th July - The Lord Clyde, Newcastle
26th July - Stockton Weekender, Stockton
7th August - Carpe Diem, Leeds
9th August - Dog & Parrot, Newcastle
16th August - Northern Jam, Sunderland
30th August - Pop Recs Ltd, Sunderland

12th September - Vintage Rockbar, Doncaster