Cave Mouth - Pagan Blues (Exeter Local Records) 
Cave Mouth - Pagan Blues

The three wildebeasts that make up Cave Mouth live on the wilds of the moors on a diet of road kill and cider, according to their press, but they find time between gnawing at raw meat and starting small fires to make a little music. This 7 track album opens with the bluesy stomp of 'Reset' which rattles along on a steely acoustic, pounding drums and some gorgeous vocal harmonies. 'Lovin' In The Street' is up next but sounds a little too streetwise to have been created on the moors unless some kind of fever brought on by drinking stagnant water from a pond has created this kind of 'talking in tongues' magic that is sure to scare the locals. The electro beats that open 'Spider' are a dead giveaway that these guys at least have a caravan but the blend of beats and Spanish guitar is surprisingly appealing.

There's a groove to 'Up On' that you can almost imagine snaking out of a cave, luring you in sensuously to dance with the devil's mistress and drink her foul wine - don't though, it's not properly chilled and those glasses could do with a wash. Similarly, 'Distant Shores' has a seductive quality but also the ability to make you dance to the foot stomping rhythm and finger blistering acoustic strummage all wrapped in some silky smooth vocals with joyous harmonies. This album closes with the stunningly funky and soulful 'Eat Us Up' which strides in to view in black leather trousers, a cowboy hat and with a shiny acoustic guitar strapped to its back. Cave Mouth have a great sense of mystery around them which is always intriguing but there's no confusion about the music - it's great, rootsy fun and will go down well on the festival circuit this summer.

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24th May - BBC Introducing Stage, Devon County Show