The Pictish Trail - Wait Until (Moshi Moshi Records) 
The Pictish Trail - Wait Until

Old blue eyes is back and, apart from looking like a Scottish Joaquin Phoenix, The Pictish Trail is also highly talented at creating understated things of beauty. 'Wait Until' sees our weather beaten hero create a soulful, moving ditty with nothing more than a gravelly electro bass melody, the sound of two wooden spoons being played on a peg-leg and a bit of whale music. The real beauty of The Pictish Trail, however, is that this is electronic music created with the ethos of folk running through it and you can imagine this single being played out on a series of improbable highland instruments as much as you can hear it as a sequence of electronically produced noises. And they do say, the sign of a good song is whether you can play it on the bagpipes or not.

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Live Dates:

3rd May - Brew At The Bog, Bogbain w/Tuff Love + Kid Canaveral + Randolph's Leap
4th May - The Big Beach Ball, Aberdeen w/Tuff Love
5th May - Spirit of Speyside Festival, Elgin w/Tuff Love
7th May - The Redd Suite, Dundee w/Tuff Love + Monoganon
9th May - Night'n'Day, Manchester w/Tuff Love + Monoganon
10th May - Prince Albert, Stroud w/Tuff Love + Monoganon
11th May - St Dominic's Social Club, Newcastle w/Tuff Love + Monoganon
16th May - The Old Bookshop, Bristol w/Tuff Love + Monoganon
17th May - The Old Bookshop, Bristol w/Tuff Love + Monoganon
17th May - South Streets Arts, Reading w/Tuff Love + Monoganon
18th May - Bethnal Green Working Men's Club, London
19th May - Junction 2, Cambridge w/Tuff Love + Monoganon
21st May - The Tin Music & Arts, Coventry w/Tuff Love + Monoganon
22nd May - The Railway, Winchester w/ Tuff Love + Monoganon
24th May - The Continental, Preston w/Tuff Love + Monoganon
25th May - Bowlers Bar, Glasgow w/Tuff Love + Monoganon

1st August - Cloudspotting Festival, Blackburn