Such Sights - In Her Name (Ambicon Records) 
Such Sights - In Her Name

I still haven't got the hang of band naming rules in the hardcore/metalcore scene, it seems to be either a random collection of words, an overly long sentence or, in this case, the sort of phrase that an outraged Nan might utter. And yet, there still isn't a band called Funbags or Hunters Chicken. Either way, the South Yorkshire quintet are a furious bunch and 'In Her Name' does a fine job of fusing some speed metal beats, chunky riffs and a front man that can go from a roar to a soft whisper with the flick of a tattooed wrist. This is a big song that will undoubtedly go do down well in the dark, sweaty rock clubs it is intended for but the video seems a bit of a poor fit to me. Instead of something moody, dark and brooding the guys are larking about in a disused office putting pictures of Page 3 stunners on the wall and riding bikes with shopping baskets tied to them. So, great music for those who like things heavy and heartfelt but the video perhaps belongs in the Britpop era.

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