Strangers - Wolf At The Door 
Strangers - Wolf At The Door

Release Date: 2nd June 2014

Strangers are a duo from Northampton building a reputation for themselves in the field of classy electro pop. Now, Northampton and dance music isn't a combination that fills me with great hope but I'm always willing to be swayed. 'Wolf At The Door' has a Delphic meets Bastille feel to it and you can entirely imagine it popping up on a Now That's What I Call Music compilation before too long. Breathless vocals trip out over some luscious electro melodies and a suave beat to create the kind of dance music that can only have a music video featuring lots of moody shots of the band staring out over a fast moving city at night. Call it Indie-electro, call it articulate-pop, call it anthemic-dance. Call it whatever you want but just give it a listen and enjoy it for the blissful experience it is.

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