Octagon Court - Octagon Court EP 
Octagon Court - Octagon Court EP

Release Date: 19th May 2014

Before I go any further; do my eyes deceive me or is this the first piece of cover art that features an E-cigarette? This is a sign of the times, for sure, but whether it's a good sign or not is up to you. It doesn't quite look as cool as a cigarette dangling from the mouth of a snarling punk rocker but it certainly grabs your attention. Octagon Court are a South London duo who seem to channel the likes of Sparks, Roxy Music and Stephen Fry in creating what can only be described as posh-pop. Opening track 'The Sheltering Sky' starts with a bouncing bass line that's straight out of an 80s rom-com before the pulsating beat comes in and the deep, velvety vocals are poured over the top, Bryan Ferry style. Bizarrely, 'Bring Her In', starts with steel drums and synthetic horns which you wouldn't necessarily expect from South London but with the moody synth sounds and carnival rhythms it kinda works. It really kinda works. Just for another twist, 'Bueno' kicks in with  darkly furious Django Django-esque guitars, hand claps and rhythms with eccentric vocals adding some extra spice to your burrito. So, in the grand spirit of eccentric English pop (see Sparks, Pet Shop Boys, Roxy Music and so on) Octagon Court have heralded their arrival and their intent to party on and have a thoroughly good time before heading home for a sherry, a comfortable leather chair and a puff on a pipe.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/Octagoncourt

Live Dates:

29th April - Power Lunches, London w/Fiodor Dream Dog

6th June - Peckham Liberal Club, London