Nathassia Devine - Cosmic (Inter-Dimensional Recordings) 
Nathassia Devine - Cosmic

Release Date: 28th April 2014

Right, this is going to be a bit of a departure from the usual stuff I get sent but that's what makes it all the more exciting. You see, Nathassia is a half Dutch and half Indian dance music creator and vocalist with a big reputation and bags of potential. This album is her calling card to the clubs, radio stations and DJs of the world to show just what she can do. The album starts off with a statement of intent with the minute long 'Creation' that sounds like a thousand radio dials being tuned through a range of songs until everything goes quite and the soft, ominous strings of 'Cosmic' come to the fore and suddenly we're transported to a Balearic island in the heat of the summer. You see, despite Devine's ability to stir up dark, minor keys, this is defiantly meant to be music to dance to so there is no point in ignoring that aspect. 'All In My Head' is up next with a great Eurovision style melody that would have a club jumping in no time while 'Alien Eyes' is an absolutely storming track for the dance floor.

There are some Robert Miles style piano notes at the start of 'You Will Recall' that sees Devine doing her best job of sounding like someone singing a dance version of a minor 80s hit before 'Dark Or Light' takes things to a more unusual place, showing off the Asian influences on the music beautifully. 'Light Of The World' is a nailed on Eurovision winner if the dance routine is good enough because it features just about every regional musical genre and has a message of unifying love - place your bets now. There's a 90s rave flashback on 'Over The Moon', a Euro-pop moment on 'Star Sapphire' and a real Ministry Of Sound feel to 'Centre Of The Sun'. Let's face it, this is euphoric, uplifting and unashamedly a little bit cheesy. If you're in the gym, the club, your car on a sunny day or dancing round your kitchen in your pyjamas then this will probably do you a job depending on your musical preferences.

This is an impressive collection of tunes for someone not established in this field of music and 'Telepathically' shows a darker, more Tori Amos-like side to Devine's work until a big (and I mean big) Dubstep bass line takes over and, well, things take a turn for the aggressively seductive. The album finishes with the contradictory 'Destruction', in reply to the opening track, 'Re-Create' which reprises the album's opening melodies superbly. This is a well thought out and constructed collection of songs from which you could pick about 6 songs to release as singles to be successful in the club charts. With a fair wind and a sexy video and you're probably looking at a mainstream smash this summer...mark my words.

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