Maia - Finite World EP 
Maia - Finite World EP 

Release Date: 28th April 2014

Apparently Huddersfield bands are like buses in that you don't see any for ages, then two come along in quick succession and you can't decide which one you like best. Maia are a quartet of paisley shirted gentlemen with a genuinely refreshing and spine tingling EP ready for your hearty consumption. Opening up with 'Small High Whistle From A Bird', you are initially required to decide whether this is an Alt-J inspired affair or is it more like Lemon Jelly acoustic? Either way, it's superb and the high vocal harmonies with only the gentlest of guitar accompaniment on an opening is both brave and a real signal of intent to the listener - we're in for something special here. 'Milky Boy' is up next and the Alt-J comparisons are there again but there is a playfulness and whimsy that is hard to resist as the chorus "la-la-las" it's way in to your hearts via your ears (it's a valid route, I've checked). Track three, 'Maisie', is probably my favourite as it starts off like an ill-conceived keyboard demo from the early 90s before a banjo enters from stage left and the summery vibes waft over tales of childhood love and Sliding Doors-esque thoughts of different paths of life. The EP closes on the title track, 'Finite World', which is a brass based, Mariachi-lite tale that should be heard drifting from the doorways of a small Latin American town where lusty couples spill on to the streets and the smell of fertility in the air. As I said at the beginning, genuinely refreshing and invigorating stuff which is so rare these days. I wholeheartedly recommend you download a copy and strap yourself in for the ride - the paisley shirt is optional.

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