Billy Moon - Young Adult EP 
Billy Moon - Young Adult EP

Coming at you like a steam train straight outta Hamilton, Canada, is Billy Moon - a band, not just a man. The EP kicks off with 'Kalashnikov', a tune that could be We Are Scientists demoing new songs in their garage as they experiment with grunge ideas. By the time the drum intro to 'Bad Kids' is on its second loop you know that these guys play hard and party hard as the bluesy, fuzzy guitars cut through the thin night air like a chainsaw through mayonnaise. 'King Of The Sun' is a weird new genre of grunge-lounge-pop but I'm pretty sure it's what all the kids in Vegas are listening to these days while new single 'Video Girl' is a Beach Boys style ode to the wonders of pornography which features the lyric "Any moment that I'm feelin' down take her out of my pocket, cause that girl, yeah she's a rocket". Final track 'The Days Are Just Packed' is a deliciously scuzzed up folk song that reminds me of early White Stripes and makes me want to dance some weird jig that is somewhere between a mosh and Irish dancing. Holding my hands up, I didn't expect much of this EP but it's actually been an entirely pleasant experience and I'd like to see these guys on a bill with my boys from Reno, Failure Machine. Keep the good stuff coming over the Atlantic boys.

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