Bat And Ball - Stops My Mouth (Hospital Samples/Kissability) 
Bat And Ball - Stops My Mouth

Release Date: 28th April 2014

South-East Londoners Bat And Ball are the latest band I've had recently who appear to have to built up a great reputation, buzz and a bit of a following without having that much information out there for consumption. I've heard recently that the trend is to have as few followers on Facebook/Twitter as possible so as to be truly underground but this smacks a little of cool for cool's sake to me. Regardless of this, Bat And Ball have created something lushly seductive in 'Stops My Mouth' full of muted guitars, sombre piano notes and the caramel smooth vocals of Abi Sinclair. Elements of Dutch Uncles, Delphic, New Order and St Etienne mingle with continental tones and a Scandinavian sense of quirk that is utterly delectable. You can see where the buzz is coming from and, thankfully, it's all down to the music rather than the haircuts or who they're sleeping with. Although, a romantic liaison with, say, Ross Kemp would at least propel them in the tabloid celebrity pages if they were so inclined.

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28th April - Single Release @ Shacklewell Arms, London w/Ticktock + White Fever