Vuvuvultures - Arty Party/Song Bot (Energy Snake Records/Cadiz Music Ltd/Universal) 
Vuvuvultures - Arty Party

Release Date: 19th April 2014

These guys have got me a bit baffled. On first impressions, you could look at Harmony, Nicole, Paul and Matt and think "here's a bunch of hipsters from Dalston, let's listen to their soulless art-pop and then wait and see if everyone else likes it before making a decision". But then if you don't look at the people behind the music and just take 'Arty Party' on the combination of noises that it is then you'll get a very different picture. A dirty, guttural, almost primal guitar riff chugs along as all manner of unholy electro noises provide a jittery, nervous melody  that winds in and out of the song. The thumping drums keep hammering away like pistons in some kind of chrome sex machine and then Harmony starts singing about hashtags. It's all kinds of mental, aggressively sexual and has good sense of humour. Oh, and the video has a hidden track/outtakes reel at the end as well. Hipsters are not, they're welcome at my party any time.

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Live Dates:

2nd April - 110 Cafe-Mercoledi Rock City, Perugia
3rd April - Combo Social Club, Florence
4th April - PnBox, Pordenone
5th April - Covo Club, Bologna

19th April - Hammersmith Apollo, London supporting Adam Ant