The Franklys - Puppet (Electric Wood Records) 
The Franklys - Puppet

Release Date: 7th April 2014

Bugger. I always try to shy away from using gender as a genre but there is no avoiding the fact that The Franklys consist are an all-girl rock'n'roll band who know their way around their instruments. Why it should matter that they have different body parts to the majority of the rock'n'roll fraternity I don't know but I guess we're not quite 'there' yet as a society. Anyway, regardless of which side the buttons on their shirts are, the Franklys come armed with new single 'Puppet' which is full of dirty guitar riffs, drums that teeter on the edge of control and vocals that almost make the spit fly from the speakers. There's a 50's rock'n'roll feel to the overall song but within that are moments of 21st century indie-rock with big, echo laden guitar solos battling with cutesy handclaps before the repeated refrain of "You never wanted me" is screeched out like the last desperate attack of a wounded and jilted lover on a Saturday night in Camden. Blisteringly impressive stuff and now battling with the September Girls for my favourite all-girl band of the moment. Bugger, I've done it again...

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Live Dates:

2nd April - Single Launch @ The Barfly, London
20th April - Yardlife Festival, London
26th April - The Good Mixer, London
8th May - Roadkill @ Aces & Eights, London
17th June - Artrocker New Blood Festival @ Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, London

8th August - Strawberry Fields Festival, London