RUFUS - Take Me (Columbia Records) 
RUFUS - Take Me

Release Date: 14th April 2014

My girlfriend would love this tune. And that's not to say I don't but there's not much we see eye to eye on in the world of music so it's always exciting when we find something we can agree on and both enjoy listening to. Aussie trio RUFUS create soulful dance along the lines of Delphic or Disclosure with organic and electronic sounds mingling beautifully together to create one infectious sound. 'Take Me' is a song for summer driving along coast roads in the early evening on your way to a beach party full of beautiful people and good vibes. It's not overly complicated stuff but the trancey melody and chilled out vocals make for addictive listening and, more importantly, 'Take Me' makes you want to move. Job done then.

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Live Dates:

23rd April - Start The Bus, Bristol
25th April - Temple, Birmingham
26th April - Night & Day, Manchester
27th April - Stereo, Glasgow

29th April - Scala, London