Go Native - Sleep  Patterns (Scruff Of The Neck Records) 
Go Native - Sleep Patterns

Release Date: 5th April 2014

No matter how fast music develops and moves forward, some things will always remain constant; pop music will always be increasingly sexualised, goths will be sorely misunderstood by the mainstream and Manchester will pump out top quality electronic music like a factory line during the industrial revolution. Go Native are the latest to drop off that production line in to the packing box and this EP follows on from their excellent recent single 'Atom Heart'. Starting off with 'Beaten By Butterflies' is a slow burning, slightly sulky record saved by the delicate bleeps and bloops constantly ascending in the background. 'Sleep Patterns' starts off like a remix of Depeche Mode's 'I Just Can't Get Enough' before Nick Toone's smooth, 80s vocals stride in full of confidence and precision. Possibly wearing a grey leather jacket.

There's a really nice 'bedroom music' feel to 'Napoleon' but those live drums give this an extra element of energy that helps the music forge forwards and not get swallowed up by the swathes of synthesized sound. Then follows 'Atom Heart' which I've previously waxed ecstatic about on this here blog before 'Dunes' arrives to go all Delphic on our collective ass and bring a little bit of Ibiza to a grey Spring afternoon. Ironically, final track 'Electric Chair' is full of life and vigour as the beats, basslines and melodies swell to heart pumping crescendo. I like the way these guys are gently building a solid foundation for what is bound to be a glorious career. Count me in.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/gonativemusic

Live Dates:

5th April - EP Launch @ Fac251, Manchester
12th April - The Cockpit, Leeds w/The Book Club

30th April - Notting Hill Arts Club, London