Elastic Sleep - Leave You (Big Tea Records/FIFA Records) 
Elastic Sleep - Leave You

Release Date: 31st March 2014

I'm not sure what you call people from Cork. Corkians? Corkish? Corkers? Answers on a postcard please. Whatever you call them, Elastic Sleep are a corking indie-pop combo from the Irish city and their new single, 'Leave You', is a master class in the genre. Lazy drum rhythms, squally guitars and luscious vocals drift from my speakers and mingle with the morning sunshine to put a blissed out tint on the world. Imagine a middle point in a Venn diagram that includes the likes of Dubstar, St Etienne, Tanya Donnelly and anyone you care to mention from the lighter end of the shoegaze spectrum and you're pretty much there. Elastic Sleep are the latest in an encouraging number of Irish bands making a resurgence after a few years of being under the radar and as the climatic guitar chimes ring out on this track you can't help but feel that it's high time we had some new heroes to champion from the emerald isle. Could it be Elastic Sleep? Quite possibly.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/elasticsleepband

Live Dates:

5th April - The Pavilion, Cork w/Girls Names