Dream Lake - In The Lights (Niwi Music) 
Dream Lake - In The Lights

Release Date: 31st March 2014

Swedish indie-pop collective Dream Lake have announced their new single with some fanfare surrounding the video in particular. 'In The Lights', as a song, is a light and airy piece of indie-pop with a haunting piano melody and a driving beat both enveloped by ethereal vocals that drift in on the morning mist. There are elements of Ellie Goulding and the lighter moments of Faithless in here as well as a mellower take on the type of dream pop that Swim Deep trade in. The video, by comparison, seems to be an Amelie style snapshot in the day of a relationship between a ridiculously good looking guy and his mood-swing prone girlfriend. I'm sure in the concept there is a whole lot of meaning here but for me the song is better off as an aural treat only.

More information: http://dreamlakemusic.com/