Blast Unit Moscow - Footsteps In The Snow (E Sounds) 
Blast Unit Moscow -
Footsteps In The Snow

I'm not against Pussy Riot by any stretch of the imagination, I think they are standing up for a very good cause in the face of unbelievable ignorance, but I bet there a load of Russian bands who just want to rock out and not have the politics attached to them. Nevertheless, Blast Unit Moscow have adopted a political stance on their new single, 'Footsteps In The Snow', not to mention their video which focuses heavily on the Russian-Ukrainian standoff of recent weeks. On the face of it this is a stomping indie-rock song about your girl walking out on you and following her footsteps through the snow with a steady 4/4 beat ringing in your ears. But this could just as easily be a song about losing the sisterly relationship between Crimea and Ukraine as it walks reluctantly in to the blizzard under the arm of a new Russian lover. Musically speaking, 'Footsteps In The Snow' lifts from bands like U2, the Killers and a softer version of the Foo Fighters but it's the striking video and its timing that is most remarkable here.

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3rd April - Village Underground, London w/The Milk + New Street Adventure + Mat Format