Thom Cross - Heavy Sea 
Thom Cross - Heavy Sea

It's always slightly disconcerting these days when somebody refers to themselves as being a bit like Bono or Bowie. It may be a very British thing but comparing yourself to Rock Royalty when you're just starting out is a hugely brave thing to do and not something we always applaud as such, preferring to see it as misplaced arrogance. However, the Bono comparisons levelled at Mr Thom Cross are entirely reasonable based on the evidence within 'Heavy Sea' as he channels the latter day Bono Vox's vocal style and emotive singing. The Bowie comparison is a little harder to see but there is a certain groove to the music that you could image Mr Stardust busting some serious moves to in a powder blue suit with ridiculous lapels. I say we should applaud the ambition shown by Thom Cross and hope that he goes on to reach the heights of his heroes - lord knows we need some new, real superstars.

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Live Dates:

25th February - The Bedford, London
26th March - Death2Disco @ Notting Hill Arts Club, London

25th April - Jubilee Club @ Barfly, London