Paradise Circus - Drunk 
Paradise Circus - Drunk

Release Date: 17th March 2014

It's been a while since I've received anything from the Midlands to review so I was pleased to receive this debut single from Birmingham trio Paradise Circus. 'Drunk' is an unashamedly honest anthem for the generation that puts getting drunk at the top of its list of priorities. Lines like "I just wanna drive my Ford Fiesta in to a paddling pool" and "I wanna set fire to things, destroy everything I know" suggests an understanding that trying to live a rock'n'roll lifestyle on a budget is slightly depressing but fun if you just live in the moment. Oddly, though, you'd expect the music to be a bit more lad rock whereas the melodies that Paradise Circus create are more stadium sized in the vein of Coldplay, Snow Patrol or Keane (if they had guitars). There is a sadness to this song that comes from the melodies as well as the lyrical subject matter which sees it fail in being a proper boozy anthem but it certainly shows potential. I'll wait for the next release before I pass judgement on these guys I think.

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