The Cut Purse Rascals - Heavitree EP 
The Cut Purse Rascals - Heavitree EP

Release Date: 26th January 2014

Busses. Sodding busses. You wait for hours then two come along and they're both full. A bit like talented bands from Devon, then. Following on from the lovely Jess McAllister earlier this week, I have now been contacted by the delightful Exeter quintet The Cut Purse Rascals in advance of their EP launch gig on Sunday of this week. Opening track 'Heavitree' (relating to an area of Exeter, not weighty timber) is a poppy, upbeat number with a bouncy bass line and a folkish tinge to the strummed guitars. There is a much more country tone to 'The Wrestler' with some beautiful guitar work and a perfect drawl to the vocals which would be more at home in the deep south. '100 Faces' has a nice strummed, Americana laced vibe to it but I think this would probably be the point in the live set when I went to the bar. There is an almost mariachi feel to 'Jimmy' with its forlorn Piano riff and gently undulating rhythms that are hard to resist after a glass of red wine. There's a track at the end of this EP that I think is called 'WW' but I can't be sure. Either way, it's a beautifully swooning country ballad full of sumptuous guitars that the likes of Midlake and The Band would be lucky to have. This isn't music that will make your heart beat faster or jump out of your chest but it might just make your heart melt in to your cuban heeled boots.

Live Dates:

26th January - EP Launch @ The Bikeshed Theatre, Exeter w/ Alex Kumar