Solander - Monochromatic Memories (A Tendervision Recording) 
Solander - Monochromatic Memories

Release Date: 4th February 2014

It's no good, I can't help it. Knowing that this is a Swedish duo and they are called Solander I can't help but think of the Salander character from the Stieg Larsson books. Which is annoying as one is a tattooed, pierced, kick-ass heroine from the gates of hell and the other is a chilled out folk-pop duo consisting of Fredrik and Anja from Malmo. You can see where I get confused. No matter, shake it off and let's get on with the album. The sparse, sweeping landscapes of 'The Woods Are Gone' and 'All Opportunities' are unmistakably Scandinavian in essence and have the beauty of a candid black and white photography taken on a crisp winter's day. 'Monday Afternoon' is a more straight forward country-indie tune that would go down well at any UK festival while the gentle tenderness of 'Preludium' is pure Jose Gonzalez as produced by Sigur Ros.

The wooziness and solemnity of 'Black Rug' is a comforting sound in the way the David Kitt's of this world wrap you up in their soft gloom. 'Hey Wolf' is similarly unassuming but 'Social Scene' is a distinctly more perky affair with an upbeat rhythm and a fantastic melody played out on violins and cello before Fredrik Karlsson's tender, croaking vocals try their best to catch up along with the rippling piano. The intriguingly titled 'London Marbles' has a Fleet Foxes vibe to it as has album title track 'Monochromatic Memories' although the swell of the latter has something of Mumford and Sons about it. The album finishes up with the eerie 'Lighthouse' with has elements of Beth Orton about it as the violin rings out to guide the lonely fishermen home. This is not a party album or even a driving album but if you want something to sit and immerse yourself in on a cold night then this is for you. Comforting, warming, reassuring and familiar - a musical blanket with exquisite stitching.

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Live Dates:

30th January - Sodra Bar, Stockholm w/Elephant Island
1st February - Babel, Malmo w/Elephant Island
10th February - Kontorkeller, Greifswald
11th February - Scheune Kulturzentrum, Dresden
12th February - Privat Club, Berlin
13th February - Jugendkulturhaus Cairo, Wurzburg
14th February - Franz Mehlhose, Erfurt
15th February - Milla Club, Munich
17th February - Die Scherbe, Graz
18th February - Rhiz, Vienna
19th February - MUZ Club, Nuremberg
20th February - Kulturzentrum Schlachtof e.V., Wiedbaden
21st February - Kraftfeld, Winterhur
22nd February - Freiburg, Germany
23rd February - Pension Schmidt, Munster

3-9 March - South By South West, Texas