Robert J. Hunter - Hurricane

Robert J. Hunter - Hurricane

When I was a teenager, I used to insist on writing my name as Roland J Monger. My middle name is John but I thought it was amusing to suggest that I needed a 'J' to differentiate me from all the other Roland Mongers out there (there aren't any, I've checked). Therefore, I have an immediate affinity with Robert J. Hunter before I even hear a note of his music. The Guernsey man, now relocated to London, is offering up 'Hurricane' as a free download teaser for his forthcoming EP and I recommend you get your ears around it asap. Deep, rattling blues acoustic guitar in the style of a Tom Waits or Rich Thomas is interspersed with some well timed body hammering. And then there's the vocal. Rasping, gravelly, whisky fuelled blues vocals come flowing direct from Hunter's pained soul like spooked bats from a dark cave. The email that accompanied this release suggested that Hunter prefers performing live to recording and I can only imagine the raw power that emanates from this once Island dweller as he cuts a lone, dramatic figure in the alley ways of London town. Go see him and do it soon.

Live Dates:

7th January - Cafe 1001, London
22nd January - The Water Rats, London
1st February - Matt & Phreds, Manchester
8th February - The Workshop (below Roadtrip), London
13th February - Gallery Cafe, London
16th February - 15 Minute Club, London
24th February - The Finsbury, London
26th March - Apples & Pears, London

12th April - Fermain Tavern, Guernsey