Poeticat - 3rd Arm 
Poeticat - 3rd Arm

Release Date: 24th February 2014

Everyone's favourite spoken word indie nut jobs Poeticat are back for your entertainment. The dirty, low slung bass line that introduces new single '3rd Arm' is soon accompanied by a siren-like vocal melody and chiming, almost classical electric guitars. Before long the spoken word performance poetry of Catherine Martindale kicks in to inform you and open up your mind while the tempo steadily increases. This is manic stuff which not everyone will love but I would urge you to listen to it in the same way you need to watch the film Dogtooth - it might not be entirely comfortable all the time but you'll be a little more worldly wise and wider of perspective for the experience.

More information: http://www.poeticat.co.uk/

Live Dates:

24th January - Hootananny, Brixton

28th February - The Windmill, Brixton