Josephine And The Artizans - Let Me Go 
Josephine & The Artizans - Let Me Go

Release Date: 17th February 2014

Josephine and The Artizans are more of a collective than a band as there are at least 10 of them which makes each song almost an isolated incident to be considered solo. 'Let Me Go' is different from the band's previous single, 'Lacrymosa', as this is a more filmic and more dramatic but the band retain their classical, near operatic edge that sets them apart from pretty much any other band around at the moment. And then there is the furiously paced rapping and big, booming drums that drags this tune from Classic FM across to....well, that's just it. The problem with being a boundary defying, genre blending group of highly skilled musicians is there isn't really a scene set up for you to fit in to. Great from an artistic point of view but tricky from a promotional angle. Hopefully somebody on the alternative scene will take a punt and give them some airplay.

Live Dates:

7th February - Barfly, Camden