Exit Calm - Promise (Club AC30) 
Exit Calm - Promise

Release Date: 20th January 2014

Exit Calm are already rock gods. Behemoths of the stage and purveyors of stadium sized rock anthems. In their heads, that is. You see, Exit Calm are that rare thing in a British band in that they reek of ambition, confidence and a healthy dose of arrogance. 'Promise' is a such a meaty slice of indie rock you'd have to ring ahead to a steak house a couple of days before you wanted to order it, what with its pounding drums and swathes of guitars. More importantly, though, this song exudes such a sense of "we know we're awesome, whether you do or not doesn't really matter" that you can't help but draw comparisons with the likes of Oasis, Stone Roses, Kasabian or the Verve. That said, there is definitely something more subtle and more atmospheric going on here and I expect the live shows to be awash with distorted guitars and huge, rock'n'roll endings.

More information: http://www.exitcalm.net/

Live Dates:

27th January - The Water Rats, London
28th January - The Duchess, York
29th January - Sound Control, Manchester
30th January - Broadcast, Glasgow

1st February - Bodega Social Club, Nottingham