Circle Of Reason - Themes Amongst Thieves (Ambicon Records) 
Circle Of Reason - Themes Amongst Theives

Metal vs Ping Pong with some OAPs thrown in to the mix. Do anything for ya? Well the melodic but abrasive new single from Southampton quartet Circle Of Reason contains all of these things and more (if you include the video). There are elements of Reuben, Hundred Reasons and Hell Is For Heroes about the riffs matched with vocals that actually allow you to hear the lyrics without losing any of the heaviness. The added humour of the video just gives you a sense that these guys have their heads screwed on right but I suspect it's the live shows where they really let the combination of music, fun and fearlessness take over. Nice to see a band taking the music seriously without taking themselves too seriously. They look shit at ping pong though.

Live Dates:

23rd January - O'Rileys, Hull
24th January  - Lounge 41, Cumbria
25th January - The Woolpack Live, Doncaster
6th February - Sanctuary Bar, Basingstoke
22nd February - The Ivy, Sheerness
8th March - The Green Room, Welwyn Garden City
5th April - L2G Festival, West Midlands
12th May - Buskers Bar, Eastbourne
17th May - The Rockden, Hatfield

26th July - The Rockden, Hatfield