Cellar Door - Trapped In Amber EP 
Cellar Door - Trapped In Amber EP

The ethos as LWM is to review anything and everything that comes my way. This is getting increasingly difficult but so far this promise has been kept until, that is, the EP from Cellar Door slipped through the cracks in my inbox and the review didn't get written. Lucky, then, that Teesside are an insistent bunch and they sent it a second time. Lucky for me as well, this is a short, sharp stab of mighty indie-rock  that I would be poorer for not hearing. There are only two tracks here but opening number, 'Trapped In Amber', is a snake-hipped, low-lit, smoky devil woman of a song that takes latter day Arctic Monkeys and blends it with the more furious moments of the Doors to make a beautifully tempting piece of musical delight. 'Higher Than Heavens' on the other hand, is a more laid back, Sunday morning track steeped in British indie influences from the La's and the Lightning Seeds to the Smiths and Space. The rumbling drums and sweet bass line carry you away like a jokey on a runaway horse but there's no need for a whip, enjoy the journey rather than worrying about the destination. It's amazing what you find between the cracks isn't it?

Live Dates:

1st February - Sound It Out, Stockton