The Almighty Rhombus - Lucid Living (Cosmic Dave's Record Factory) 
The Almighty Rhombus - Lucid Living

Firstly, if you're here because you fell for my line about Alanis then I must apologise. This is nothing like Alanis. I was just being naughty. Secondly, you should stick around, though, if you like an bit of quirkiness and expansiveness to your music. You do? Wonderful. Then let's dive right on in......

The Almighty Rhombus is an awesome name for a band, I think we can all agree on that, so they've set the bar pretty high for themselves from the get-go. Nevertheless, the indie-disco speed shuffle of 'Down South' and strung out guitars of 'Blank' are a strong start. We're talking Vampire Weekend, We Are Scientists, Weezer and Belle & Sebastian with a little European electro disco influence thrown in for good measure. The visceral, nightmarish sounds of 'House Burns Down' is like something from a 70s B-Movie soundtrack while 'Butane Brain' is a lot more lilting and positive than the title suggests with elements of Cake sneaking through in the key and tempo changes. If you're a fan of organs, however, then you should prepare yourself for 'Thunderstorms' which is so twee you might as well take it to a Scottish village and buy it tea in a small cafe before a walk around the cobbled streets. 'Flourescent', however, is the tune where the quintet take things to a higher level of bat-shit crazy with more ideas than Kanye's got personality flaws and a riff the size of a monster-truck tyre.

There is a certain 80s swagger about 'Summer Dreams' that requires a soft-top Cadillac to make the most of it but, conversely, 'Red Eye' sounds distinctly Scottish in origin to me with its handclaps, jangly guitars and Edwyn Collins fuzzy guitars. The clash of fuzzy, scuzzy garage rock with tight, perfectly formed indie-pop tunes is the niche that The Almighty Rhombus are carving for themselves and it is a lovely niche at that. 'Vacation' has cavernous feel to it which lends the tune a retro authenticity I wholeheartedly approve. Meanwhile, over on 'No I Won't' the chugging guitars and dreamy vocals draw you in until you're surrounded by the luxurious keys of Clayton Drake (what a name?!?). Like a complimentary mint at the end of a five course meal, 'Standoff' is reassuringly light and refreshingly breezy with its jaunty piano work - the perfect way to finish of such a meaty, complex and thoughtful meal. I mean album. Sorry Alanis fans.

Live Dates:

28th February - The Big Basement Show, Sudbury, Ontario