SCNTST - Self Therapy (Boysnoize Records) 
SCNTST - Self Therapy

German born producer Bryan Muller, AKA SCNTST, is being touted as a huge new talent on the techno scene and, to these uninitiated ears, the prospect of over an hour of modern German techno was not an appealing way to spend a Tuesday evening. How wrong I was. 'Self Therapy' is rhythmic delight that takes the listener deep in to the heart of club-land and then an extra mile or two further. Album opener 'Velour' is the first hint that this is going to be something a little bit special with its click-clack rhythm and dreamy melody giving way to bouncy, boingy bass noises. Once you're in to this album it's almost impossible to resist the throbbing, undulating melodies and beats that move from the click of a cricket to the pounding you get in your head the day after a REALLY good night out.

There are 14 tracks on this album and not all of them stand out on their own but the Flat Eric style organ bop of 'Percee Scan' and the woozy Parisian charm of 'Murder' are two tracks that do stick out like an accountant at a rave. Some tracks, like 'Throwback', go on a bit long for my money but then reviewing music that has been created for people to dance to is a bit of a pointless task. There are also moments of utter, explorative genius as well such as the stuttery, terrible mobile signal of 'So Though' and the Matt Bellamy dueting with Edith Piaf vibe of 'Fovea'. And then there's the downright party romp of 'King Of Beets' which is about as far from techno as you can get but still a hugely enjoyable track. This is a great pre or post club album to get your head bobbing and your shoulders loosened up so come and join the party.