Plymouth Fury - Vaudeville 
Plymouth Fury - Vaudeville

I'll confess, my main for wanting to review this album is that I grew up in and now work in Plymouth (the original Plymouth, not that American copyist version. I mean, who spends all that time trying to get away from somewhere and then gets to a new place only to name it after the place you spent so long trying to leave?!?). Anyway, when I saw the name Plymouth Fury I thought, "that sounds like a cool gang I should have been in or at least the name of an Ice Hockey team" but, instead, Plymouth Fury is actually the name of a huge sounding and hard rocking trio from Paris. It's also a car.

Now, normally I only write about new music and, as this album has been out for a year then it shouldn't really qualify but it's a bit special so I'm making an exception because it's my blog and I can. So there. 'Baiona De Noche' opens the album with a Rage Against The Machine meets Led Zep sized riff and loose, rockin' drums just power through the shouted vocals of Will and Worzo. However, it's 'The Basement' that I think has the most potential to be a crossover smash with pendulous guitars, staccato hand claps and a Franz Ferdinand swagger that would melt the heart of many an indie girl and boy. Nevertheless, rock is what Plymouth Fury came to do and rock is exactly what they do on 'Ajo y Agua', reminding me an awful lot of the sadly missed Belgian band Les Anges. Now, I'm a big fan of sexy song title and, for me, 'Maelstrom Libido' is a very strong contender for the best of the year - it'd make a great t-shirt wouldn't it? I'd buy it.

Slowing things down a bit but with no loss of intensity, 'I Love You Leigh' is a Glasvegas vs Black Rebel Motorcycle Club shaped ballad with heavenly production qualities. The 50s swagger and lip-curl of 'Tati' would sit perfectly on any recent Queens of the Stoneage or Arctic Monkeys album while 'Black Ravines' (another great song title) has a more Black Keys minimalism to it. Ending up with 'The Snake', Plymouth Fury go for full on rock atmospherics as they spend a full forty seconds building up the intro and by the time they reach their inevitable climax, there is a sense that you've just been introduced to the spirit of rock'n'roll. No plans to venture to the UK at the moment, sadly, but when they do I'll be starting a petition to get them to play in Plymouth - it only seems right. (Oh, and check out the cover art closely - it's like Satan's own suburban pool party).

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Live Dates:
4th January - Le Buzz, Paris
22nd January - La Taverne Elektrik, Amiens
23rd January - Extra Blues Bar, Bielefeld
24th January - Gasolina, Waregem
25th January - Classic Rock Bar, Brussels
9th May - Subway To Peter, Chemnitz

10th May - Slow Club, Freiburg