Lyla Foy - Easy/Head Down (Sub Pop) 
Lyla Foy - Easy/Head Down

Unless there is a huge coincidence in the world of names, and I seriously doubt there is, Lyla Foy once put a cigarette out in a decorative fire place that adorned my tiny living room in Shepherds Bush. After that, our paths have not crossed until a 24 hour period this week where I heard her name on Steve Lamacq's BBC 6Music show and then her new single appeared in my inbox. Small world, huh? The first of these two tracks 'Easy' is a menacing and expansive tune with pounding drums and a sense of something lurking within the woods. Watching. Waiting. However, 'Head Down' is the more unique tune in my opinion with a laid back bass line, an even more laid back vocal and, if you listen really closely, you can hear the fresh breeze blowing of the west coast of America on a lazy, sunny Sunday morning. There is a beautiful sense of freedom and sense about 'Head Down' that I don't think I've heard in a tune since the Beach Boys were writing their odes to coastal living. All in all, these are two tasty, mouth watering treats that suggest the main course (aka the album) is going to be a hearty treat.