Fletcher - Open Up (Dramatico Entertainment)

Fletcher - Open Up
Release Date: 2nd December 2013

Sadly, this isn't a delayed single release by Ronnie Barker's character from Porridge. Gladly, this is the new single from Australian singer-songwriter Benjamin Fletcher and 'Open Up' is a tasty slice of munch. The relentless beat behind the child-like melody urges you to join in with whatever Fletcher wants you to do while his soulful yet fragile voice dribbles like syrup all over the lush layers of guitar, piano and percussion. I can imagine this song being used in a short film about surfing in Cornwall but, for some reason, listening to this whilst I sit next to my recently erected Christmas tree is giving me a somewhat nostalgic feeling. That and my cat's gone missing so I'm pretty bummed anyway. This one's for you Poppy.

More information: http://fletcheruponayr.com/

Live Dates:

8th February - Abbey Pub, Chicago w/Mammoth Indigo