Denial Twist - Get In Line EP 
Denial Twist - Get In Line EP

This Ipswich/Colchester trio remind me of exactly why I started a band and what I thought was cool when  I was in a band. Their take on indie-garage-rock music may not be the most sophisticated but Denial Twist more than make up for that in riffage. Opener 'Itch' has an 'American Idiot' era Greenday riff about it and the vocal snarl of a wannabe Mick Jagger who has spent too much time listening to American 80s rock bands. 'Eve' is a slightly mellower affair with acoustic strumming and sensitive but pained lyrics that come straight out of the Extreme playbook. The Red Hot Chili Peppers style opening to 'Little Bitch' soon gives way to Buckcherry riffs and a certain crotch thrusting sexual aggressiveness that you don't expect to see in Ipswich all that often. The final and intriguingly titled '05.21' (FYI, it's 04.06 long) is the pick of the bunch for me as it opens with leg shaking vocals, earth trembling bass and the spirit of the as yet undead White Stripes. By the time the drums kick in, the black leather and nail polish is seeping out of the speakers and you can't deny their attitude is in exactly the right place. I can't pretend that this is my favourite new band of the year but I will defend to the death their right to rock out with big riffs, attitude heavy vocals and the perfect mix of sexuality and aggression.

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Live Dates:
20th December - The White Horse, Ipswich
31st December - Hole In The Wall, Colchester
24th January - The White Horse, Sudbury
16th February - The Eight Bells, Hadleigh
21st March - The Eight Bells, Hadleigh

3rd April - The Thomas Wolsey, Ipswich