Circle of Reason - Annie May (free download) 
Circle Of Reason - Annie May (from Yesterday Already)

Yum Yum Yum. Who's ready for a big tasty slab of grunge cake?  I am. This free taster of the forthcoming EP from Southampton's Circle Reason is a slow starter that drifts melodically along with beautiful, almost Hawaiian guitar harmonics punctuating the morning after a heavy night before vibe of 'Annie May'. But then, just when you've mellowed in to their world, the feds coming flying in through the window following a tip off from a neighbour about suspicious smelling smoke. Huge Soundgarden sized riffs and pounding, pummelling come crashing in to this song with Kurt Cobain-esque vocals which makes me yearn for the 90s and an era when MTV showed actual music videos (don't even get me started on MTV. Seriously, don't). Bottom line, on this evidence the EP should be pretty awesome.

Live Dates:
19th December - Facebar, Reading
10th January - Hell Fire Club, Redhill
16th January - Asylum, Chelmsford
12th May - Buskers Bar, Eastbourne
17th May - The Rockden, Hatfield

26th July - The Rockden, Hatfield