Stacey - Stacey EP 
Stacey - Stacey EP

Release Date: 5th December 2013

OK, let's get something out of the way here. Stacey (she doesn't have a last name, she's too cool for that) plays piano and sings with passion and style that make easily comparable to Tori Amos. This is no bad thing but it would be extraordinarily lazy journalism so let's delve a little deeper shall we? Canadian Stacey seemingly has the full package and, most of all, she has the guts to kick off her EP with the hauntingly beautiful 'Worst Part' which is nothing but piano, vocals and regrets. 'Sleep Alone' is more uplifting as we reminisce with our lovelorn heroine and her sensually played piano accompanied by some simple but effective percussion. Lessons can be learned from Stacey by those that think that the Miley Cyrus T&A&LOD (that's Tits & Ass & Loss Of Dignity) approach to performing has anything to do with music or the creative process. Here we have a strong, powerful woman making music on her own terms and playing to her own beat. And do you know what? I haven't got a clue what she looks like at this moment in time which is just the way music should be heard - the only images I get are created by the songs. 'Share' is up next and is the kind of lament that Katy Perry and Lady Gaga would fight to the death, using only their ill-gotten awards as weapons. The smoky, lounge piano of 'Calling Me' is matched perfectly by the echo laden vocals and reminds me of LWM favourite Mary At Midnight in its tender fragility and haunting seduction of the listener. Finishing up with 'All To Myself', Stacey gets a little woozy  and almost drunk sounding but the piano is still played with a gently determined caress that is impossible to resist. Stacey has a talent that is rare these days in that it's entirely pure, unaffected and straight from the heart so I urge you to get involved before life and/or the music industry taints her purity.

Live Dates:
5th December - Measure, Toronto (EP Release)
6th December - The Casbah Lounge, Hamilton
7th December - Imbibe Food & Drink, Kitchener
8th December - Mahtay Cafe, St Catherines
9th December - The APK, London
10th December - The Spill, Peterborough
11th December - Red Brick Cafe, Guelph
14th December - Alphasoul, Ottawa

15th December - Raindow Bistro, Ottawa