Royksopp - Running To The Sea (Wall Of Sound/Cooking Vinyl) 
Royksopp - Running To The Sea

Release Date: 16th December 2013

So those Royksopp boys are back with a new single and it's something of a lively number. Featuring the vocals of Susanne Sundfor, 'Running To The Sea' is an eery, almost trance like tune fuelled by sparse piano and a fast paced beat that sounds like the determined pitter-patter of an early morning jogger. This song promises a lot and certainly delivers if you're in to that Above & Beyond with Ellie Goulding on vocals writing a song for the next Girl With The Dragon Tattoo soundtrack kind of thing. For me, I feel like there's a little bit more to come from these guys but, hey, they've given us a B-side too so stop your moaning! 'Something In My Heart' features the vocal talents of the improbably named Jamie Irrepressible (weakest Viking name ever?) and is a more thoughtful tune with undulating synths mixed with a laid back, almost R&B beats. There's no doubting that these are both beautiful pieces of music which the world is a better place for experiencing but neither of these tunes quite manage to reach the uplifting climaxes I was hoping for.

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