Rooms Delayed - Nothing Lighter EP (Monkey Records) 
Rooms Delayed - Nothing Lighter EP

Release Date: 22nd November 2013

Italian composer Vincenzo Nazzaro releases music under the name Rooms Delayed but I use the word music loosely. Not because this is bad but because what Nazzaro composes is more akin to the soundscape than it is the 3 minute pop song. Opening track 'Mia' is awash with atmospheric e-bow and long, drawn out guitar notes which are soothing and disorientating, much like being in a sensory deprivation tank I would imagine. 'Blissfully' continues the them albeit in a slightly more hopeful key, and 'Velluto' has slightly more distinct notes to it but is still a warm, lush sound that washes over you like a tropical tide on the hottest of summer days. Final track 'Suspicious Mind' does nothing to suggest that there is likely to be a new direction for Nazzaro but the sweet vocals of Cristina Pullano add a certain direction and soul to that the other songs lack. This is perfect music to just bliss out to but I would seriously suggest you don't listen to this while driving as it is likely to have you nodding off at the wheel!