Post-ape - The World Is Over 
Post-Ape - The World Is Over

Release Date: 2nd December 2013

The first time I came across London Producer Post-Ape, it was while watching a music video of his where a willing young lady has buckets of varying fluids poured all over her head. No such video accompanies 'The World Is Over' but the song itself conjures enough images of its own so maybe that's a good thing. The squelchy, sinister synths are those you would expect to hear as the background music in the cloakroom area of Satan's private member's club. In fact, the whole song is slightly woozy, disjointed and off kilter which gives you the sensation of being at odds with the world, jarred with reality and pushing against everything that's comfortable. This is not easy going, fun loving party music but it certainly creates an aura which is both frightening and enticing in equal measure. A delightful combination.