Hella Better Dancer - Sleeptalking (Beautiful Strange) 
Hella Better Dancer - Sleeptalking

Release Date: 11th November 2013

OK, it's prediction time. I'm going to go out on an admittedly fairly sturdy limb to say that girl-boy quartet Hella Better Dancer have a shot at reaching indie notoriety. I'm not talking about headlining Glastonbury but definitely a 6Music session and maybe an NME tour. On the basis of this single you see, these guys have got that haunting indie sound that the XX and Foals have made so popular, they've got the innocent swagger of bands like Best Coast and the luxurious vocals of a Lana Del Ray. Put that altogether and indie purists everywhere will be falling over their vinyl collections to catch a glimpse of these upstarts......reading all that back sounds terribly dismissive but I actually do like 'Sleeptalking'. My only concern would be that these guys have almost ticked too many musical boxes and spread themselves too thinly. It's a tasty spread nonetheless.

Live Dates:

14th November - The Green Door Store, Brighton (w/Torres)